Book Review#5: Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix by J.K.ROWLING

———REVIEW TIME——– Harry’s summer break with the Dursley’s is more wretched than usual.

It’ official: the evil Lord Voldemort has returned. His influence is suddenly everywhere in the Wizarding world, and his former allies, the Death Eaters, are returning to his side in droves. In response, the Order of the Phoenix, which worked to stop him during his last rise to power, has reconvened. This time, all of the adults Harry trusts have joined in. And even though Harry is at the center of many of their plans — Voldemort is intent on killing him, after all they want so badly to protect him that they are keeping him completely out of the loop. Problems are cropping up at Hogwarts, too, where government officials are meddling in just about everything. And just because Voldemort and the Death Eaters are threatening open warfare does not mean that fifth–year students get out of their exams. Meanwhile, Harry’s powerful connection to Voldemort seems to be growing even stronger, as he realizes that he has direct access to the Dark Lord’s mind. It’s time for Harry and his friends to take drastic action, but the course they choose will have terrible unforeseen consequences. Hogwarts is under siege by the Ministry of Magic, which has appointed a High Inquisitor to wrest control of the school from Dumbledore and ensure that the students do not learn any defense against the dark arts; and Hagrid is missing. Addition to these potentially fatal struggles are the stresses of growing up: Harry is a bit older, a bit taller, and a lot angrier; Fifth Year is the time for the first round of testing (Ordinary Wizarding Levels, or O.W.L.s) and career counseling; Harry has his first girlfriend; and Ron and Hermione have both been appointed prefects (along with Draco Malfoy), but Harry has not.

I finished this book with tears in my eyes and laughter on my lips.

Just wow, excellent book!Truly dangerous times have arrived in the fifth Harry Potter novel, but it never loses the trademark fun, excitement, and wonder at the possibilities of magic.

Rating: 10/10

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