Book Review#8: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Geil Honeyman

#eleanoroliphantiscompletelyfine by #geilhoneyman is the book that I received from @komal_bibliomaniac (my bookstagram friend).

The story is told from Eleanor’s point of view a thirty y/o lady. Eleanor is very intelligent and well-spoken with untarnished grammar but she lacks the ability to filter what she says and therefore she will tell you exactly what she’s thinking. Eleanor’s social awkwardness is extreme, sometimes painfully and often comically so, is far more apparent to the reader than it is to Eleanor herself. We go along for the ride as she navigates her way through her life, learning to stand up for herself. But it won’t be easy. Secrets and memories that have been tucked away for many years can be painful to remember.

The reader doesn’t find out exactly what happened until the final pages, even though it feels like the answer might be coming at nearly every turn. That suspense makes the book compelling, vivid, and delightfully frustrating. Looking through Eleanor’s eyes is like looking at the world through fun house mirrors.Things that aren’t usually amusing all of a sudden become so the book makes you question your worldview. If you strip away social norms, what ultimate truth lies beneath? And while Eleanor certainly isn’t completely fine and has more than a few things to learn about the world, there’s a lot the world could learn from Eleanor, too.

Rate: 10/10
QOTD: Have you read this book? … Which read is unforgettable for you and which is the worst read till now.

AOTD: For me I have two books one the Book Thief and the other is this one and till now I haven’t read any book that I dislike.

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