Book Review#9: The Crowns of Croswald by D.E.Night

The Crowns of Croswald is a magical tales which revolves around a 16 y/o young lady Ivy, the past sixteen years of her life were spent in a kitchen of Castle Plum as a scaldrony menial (scaldrons are dragons until she entered the magical school of the Hall of Ivy for Royals and Scrivenists (scivenerist are those who have photographic memory). Ivy’s school life is packed with magic, funny looking magical creatures (i.e shorehorse; a horse and sea-horse hybrid, hairies little glooming fairies kept in lanterns for light) and of course a mysterious adventure with friends Fyn and Rebecca when a dark power looms over croswald.

This book is a book of joy for all the potter lovers out there as it’s a reminiscent of Harry Potter with a ting of Tangle+ Cinderella. While reading the school description I was sent back to those days when I was reading Hogwarts details for the first time and Fyn resembles to Ron and Hermione as he want to support Ivy but don’t want to break them. And Rebecca is a bit Luna as the day she entered harry’s life she was there whenever he need her and same goes for Ivy the day she enters the school and the moment she knows that Rebecca is her roommate she get the support right after it.

This is an amazing book for the readers of all age, I really enjoyed this book a lot and of course the wait for this book only increased my curiousity for this amazing book. I have waited for this book a whole year and finally im happy that I was able to read it and since today is the release day of the second book of this series I would like to congratulate @author.denight for the book release and I wish I can read the second part soon can wait to explore Fyn and others more.

I have waited lot, asked my cousin and aunt to look for this book and even tried every giveaway. And at last my aunt got this book in UK and sent me this book with her son when he was coming to visit our grandmother… Phew and this way I got this book 🙌.

I Rate it : 10/10

QOTD: Name the book or book series that is based on magical schooling apart Potter series.

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