Book Review#11: Bright Lights From A Hurricane by Grace Mcginty


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Olivia Jefferson has always been a good little automaton. At least, that’s what her best friend Angela had always told her. She was a dutiful daughter, straight A student, and a devoted friend.
But when Angela dies at seventeen of terminal brain cancer, Olivia’s automaton life gets turned upside down.

She made a promise that she would finish Angela’s bucket list for her.
But number one is to go on the scariest ride at the County Fair, The Hurricane, and number two is to go on a Grand Adventure. Both seem impossible. 
So when a pretty, blue eyed carnie boy offers her a place on the carnival for the summer, she couldn’t possibly go, right?

Deciding to abandon her well planned future, Olivia follows the carnival along the bottom States, from Florida to LA. What she learns as she works her way through Angela’s bucket list will make her reexamine her dreams, her beliefs and make her really question: Who is Olivia


This book took us on the journey along Olivia who’s life motive is to fulfill the promise, given to her by her friend Angela before her death, which is to complete all the wishes from Angela’s bucket list, which lead Olivia to her carnival ride known as “The Hurricane”.
The journey of Olivia since the day Angela died is full of twist and turns & ups and downs, just to fulfill her friend’s bucket list she had to faced the family Dynamics, experience new phases of life, overcome the hurdles, sho away all the hesitations, made new friends, add lights in her dark times, enjoy her life life and above all experience love and became a person that she was meant for.

I not just only enjoyed this book I loved it, and the reasons are as follows:

1. I love how the author build up Olivia’s character as the story proceed.
2. I love the massage she forwarded it to her readers on friendship.
3. I love how she progress Olivia and Dallas’s relationship.
4. I loved the fact as how author fixed me to enjoy every adventure of Olivia’s as if it’s mine.
5. I loved it when despite being the cutoff with her family Olivia didn’t disowned her friend’s promise
6. I love the fact how gracefully author pen down every emotions in this book.
7. I loved it for the carnival ride, it was the best.
8. I loved how Olivia accomplished her goals.


The storyline of this book is worth a read. The author has poured her heart in this novel. This novel is one of the most enjoyable read in 2019. I recommend it to all those readers who want to read about friendship and bonus to this it encloses a beautiful take of love in it. I am sure you’ll love this book as much as I do so grab this book asap as it will be out this 14th of February, so buck up guys!!


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