Book Review#14: Unfettered Wings by Sana Munir


A collection of short stories about Pakistani women, from different walks of life and different social backgrounds.


#unfetteredwings by Sana Munir is a book that defines the title #feminism in it’s stories miraculously. This book comprises of short stories based on the courage and strength of women and how they faced every situation. These stories are shows women’s suffering all around the world 😢. Be it Habiba (the girl having the topaz eyes) who was killed on a mere doubt of honour killing, or be it Reena who faced betrayal from her loved one. Every story will make your heart bleed. Each women’s story is a battle that you have to endure it, it’s not only the woman in the story it can be anyone. This book is a lesson to every woman, girl, or a lady.


This book comprises of 9-10 short-stories. Every story is different and more beautifully written, and have more impact on you then the first one. Sana Munir had done a fabulous job in the form of this book, a book that’ll cherish throughout my life. I literally cried while reading Habiba’s story, like how can do like this with a girl. Mine favorite story was Habiba’s one and my mum love the story of Nazia. After #saltandpepper by Maria Akhanji this book is the one that made my cried, these stories really have such great impact on you that you’re forced to cry your heart out. Marvelous!! This book is a must read book.

Recommended to those who love family drama, who love to read books based on feminism. This book belongs to all group age readers. Do Read It guys, you’ll thank me later!!


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