Book Review#18: In Your Silence by Grace Lowrie



Still reeling from a sudden and very one-sided break-up, Liam throws himself into his work and gets commissioned to restore the neglected grounds of a mansion, Wildham Hall, for its owner Gregory Sinclair.It is there that Liam meets Melody, who is mute.Liam has always suppressed the darkest side of himself, but as his clandestine liaison with Melody develops, she tests him and his deepest desires are dragged to the surface.


IN Your Silence by Grace Lowrie is a coming of age fiction novel. The book features a girl named Melody Sinclair, who works as a proofreader. She’s a mysterious character of this amazing book because she think she’s different from the others because she’s mute and the outer world won’t accept her and will make fun of her. She live in Wildham Hall with her father Gregory Sinclair, who’s out for for business trips most of the year and her mother died when she was six. Melody has spent her whole life within the grounds of the Wildham Hall due to Gregory because he’s overprotective when it’s come to her and he thinks that she’s isn’t meant for the outer world.

Then there comes Liam Hunt, the protagonist of this book. He’s a teetotaler, as well as an expert when it comes to the restoration of the ruined/ neglected grounds. He learnt this art just for his ex-girlfriend who left him one day for an unknown reason, and for distracting himself from the haunted memories of her ex he accepted the offer that he got from Gregory Sinclair.So this story basically revolves around Liam Hunt and Melody Sinclair, when Liam started spotting Melody in the windows of the house and on the grounds whenever he’s alone. Liam was attracted towards Melody due to her silence and Melody for his unexpected behaviour towards her, as Liam never made a move that caught Melody off guard.Their was a passion growing between the two as the time goes on. Melody love to listen Liam whenever he talks regarding the grounds. And an unwanted sexual tension was growing between then as they get closer. But life was never easy for Melody. Once Gregory caught the two off guard on the grounds of Wildham Hall, Melody was ordered to get into the house and then the truth that Liam had to learned regarding Melody was not only unwelcoming for Liam only but it was for the reader as well.


This story was amazing as well as disturbing for me. It was amazing because the author do justice to each and every character. The story line was fantastic. The tale was gripping and you can never guess what’s next. Their were many questions to be answered and she answered it fluently and the end was exact as I wanted it to be. It was disturbing because this book was regarding a topic that was out of my comfort zone. The tale of Melody and Gregory was something that I’ve read for the first time in my entire life, it wasn’t bad but it was definitely not what I was expecting it to be, Like “HOW CAN A FATHER HAVE A BAD EYE ON HIS OWN DAUGHTER, LIKE HOW PATHETIC HE IS.” But the author sorted it all out brilliantly but this truth still hunt me.


This is one of the brilliant work that I’ve come across this year so I’ll rate it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Thank you so much Accent Press Publication for this book and Grace Lowrie for this amazing Arc.


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