Book Review#20: The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia


Hey guys so today’s my turn for the blog tour of this amazing and cracking debut book by Kelly Florentia, so here we go!!


So this books is all about the love life of Emma King. She’s a 39 y/o gingerhead woman, she’s a woman with colourful mind and is addicted to social media and is an illustrator by profession, who fall in love with her savior Harry Georgiades a greek man, who’s a nurse.

Emma don’t usually get along with men since her childhood, cause her father was a strict person and she never had a good father-daughter relationship. But, Emma and Harry have the perfect love life…

Life isn’t the same is it? Nah!! So the oh-so-perfect-life of Harry and Emma was more perfect since the day Emma turndowns Harry’s marriage proposal a her in-laws house, cause she think Harry was drunk back then.

The cracks were starting to show up!!

One day Emma mistakenly checked Harry’s phone, and her world turns upside down cause it was a from another woman😡!! She asked Harry regarding the text and he dismissed it!

So she sat on a quest to get her Harry back with the help of neighbor Alistair and her to-be sister-in-law and we jolly good friend Caroline… But Alistair died!!!

Even dead Alistair helped Emma and Caroline to unfold the truth of Harry’s affair and get Harry back in Emma’s life.

Confused?? So to get out of this confusion you have to read this book!!


A Magic Touch is a cracking debut novel by Kelly Florentia.

I enjoyed the story of Emma King, Her boyfriend Harry. The author did a god job by making this book even more interesting as the story progressed, every new page brings a new turn in Emma’s life.

I loved Alistair and Caroline’s character’s more, although Emma was a strong protagonist and Harry was good in his own but I think they could he even better then this, but Alastair and Caroline were amazing. And Mas (Caroline’s husband) was the one who was the least likely character for me.

The plot was good and I love the fact how the author connects the book title with Emma’s life, and how important the magic touch was for Emma. And I loved the fact that how beautifully she conveyed a message through her book that Social media can turn your life into a complete disaster!!

I’m giving it 4 stars because I know Kelly can do even more better then this, she could’ve make Harry and Emma more stronger, and Harry could’ve sorted his issues on his own.




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What will you do when you check your partner’s phone and think he/she having an affair?


What’s your weekend’s plan?


Amazon – The Magic Touch by Kelly Florentia


Thank you so much Accent Press Publication for this book and Kelly Florentia for this amazing Arc.

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