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Author: Shari Simpson
Pub. Date: October 1, 2019
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Formats: Hardcover, eBook
Pages: 304
Find it: Goodreads, Amazon, Kindle, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, TBD



What would you do if you could stay out all night and not get in trouble?

Thirteen-year-old Sam has no friends, but you can’t really blame her. She lives her life in a state of chronic exhaustion thanks to her nightly sleepwalking jaunts, which include trips to the store, treehouse-building projects, and breaking-and-entering escapades-none of which she remembers in the morning. Her condition is taking its toll on her family (and her life), so when her mom takes her to see a wacky strip-mall sleep specialist, Sam is wary, but 100 percent in.

The night after the doc works his mojo, Sam wakes up outside her body, watching herself sleep. FREAKY! But once she gets over the panic attack, she realizes there’s a whole world of detached-souls out there, called SleepWakers-cliques of kids like the Achieves, who use their sleep time to learn new things; the Numbs, who eat junk food and play video games all night long, and the OCDeeds who search for missing things and organize other people’s stuff. And then there are the Mean Dreams, led by Madalynn Sucret, the nicest girl in Sam’s school, who shows Sam that she can use her power to get back at a bully who’s been tormenting her. Sam is intrigued-until it becomes clear that Madalynn is the real bully and the “tormentor” is just, well… sad. Now Sam is faced with uniting the various tribes of SleepWakers to fight back against Madalynn and the Mean Dreams in the most epic battle the night has ever seen.



THE ALARM CLOCK MODE was set to “Gentle Bird

Chirps,” but the sound still nearly sliced her skull in two.
How the heck could it be morning already? Sam groaned,
tried to move, but felt like someone had filled her body with
kitty litter. Her back ached from the jump/fall on the tree
house deck and her inner thighs were in knots, making her
wonder just how long she had been poised in Russian splits
over the power saw last night. Weezy’s snores only served
to mock her pain further. It was one of the great ironies of
Sam’s life, having a pet that slept like a rock approximately
twenty-three hours out of every twenty-four hour day.
There was no way she could summon the energy to pick out clothes for school. Knowing full well that it was social
suicide, she grabbed the jeans and T-shirt that lay discarded
on the floor from . . . two days ago? Yesterday? Didn’t matter.
Jaida would remember.
Sam’s evil-super-archnemesis-enemy, Jaida Coakley, and
her band of middle school minions, had been tormenting
Sam since her first day at Wallace Junior High—and for
much more minor sins than wearing the same clothes two
days in a row. But today’s fashesty (fashion travesty) would
still give Jaida all the ammunition a bully could dream of.
You’re welcome in advance, O Evil One, Sam thought wea-
rily as she pulled the T-shirt over her throbbing head. The
great irony was that Jaida was not all that fashile (fashion
facile) herself; her outfits fairly screamed color-blind!, her
pants were frequently too short, and she wore an ancient
sequined fanny pack with everything. But in some sort of
“Emperor’s New Clothes”-ish conspiracy, Jaida’s entourage
never seemed to notice, instead reserving all their mockery
for Sam’s missteps.
At the breakfast table, Margie was wearing a baseball cap
sideways over her bald patch, looking like a sad suburban
hip-hop wannabe. But her smile was bright and, for once,
unforced. “Guess what, hon? I called Dr. Fletcher’s office to
leave a message and would you believe, he answered?! At
seven o’clock in the morning!”

A disembodied voice came from the hallway. “Big deal.
He’s a sleep doctor, isn’t he?” Jax slouched in, rubbing his
eyes. “He better be at the office all night, or he’ll lose his
license. Oh, wait. He already did.”
Margie ignored this. “And he’s going to see you today
after school, and do your in-lab sleep study tonight! Isn’t
that incredible?”
“Tonight?” Sam said uneasily. “Why so fast?”
“Probably because you’re his only patient.” Jax reached
into the fruit bowl on the counter and came up with a
banana so gruesomely overripe, it was fit for neither man
nor beast nor bread. He tossed it back. “The rest are wan-
dering the highways at night, moaning, electrodes dangling
from their flesh.”
Margie tried to flash him a stern look, which was
deflected by the bill of her sideways cap. “No. Because it’s
good timing, being a Friday and all. And of course, because
I told him how serious our situation is. He seems very nice,
Samantha, and very interested in your case.”
Yeah, the Case of the Head Case, was what Sam thought.
What she said, however, was, “Okay. Fine. Whatever. You’re
on lunch shift today? So you’ll pick me up after school?”
And when Margie’s face fell at Sam’s lack of enthusiasm,
she added, “Sorry, Mom. I’m sure he’ll be great!”—because
every head case knew two things: how to apologize, and how to fake a gung-ho response for the benefit of the non–
head cases who suffered alongside them.



Shari Simpson is a playwright and screenwriter who cowrote the off-Broadway hit Maybe Baby, It’s You and the Disney Channel Original Movie The Swap, both with her longtime writing partner, Charlie Shahnaian. She also won the 2012 BlogHer Voice of the Year for Humor Writing. Shari lives in Hoboken, NJ, with a patient husband, two hilarious teenagers, a demonic cat, and her pug, Mila Kunis. This is her first novel. Twitter | Goodreads



3 winners will receive a finished copy of Sam Saves The Night, US Only. Click here to enter



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