Blog Tour: The Song Of Crimson Flower by Julie C. Dao

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Title: Song of the Crimson Flower
Series: Rise of the Empress companion
Author: Julie C. Dao
Genre: Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: Philomel Books

Release Date: November 5th 2019
Pages: 288
ISBN13: 9781524738358
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From the acclaimed author of Forest of a Thousand Lanterns comes a fantastical new tale of darkness and love, in which magical bonds are stronger than blood.
Will love break the spell? After cruelly rejecting Bao, the poor physician’s apprentice who loves her, Lan, a wealthy nobleman’s daughter, regrets her actions. So when she finds Bao’s prized flute floating in his boat near her house, she takes it into her care, not knowing that his soul has been trapped inside it by an evil witch, who cursed Bao, telling him that only love will set him free. Though Bao now despises her, Lan vows to make amends and help break the spell.
Together, the two travel across the continent, finding themselves in the presence of greatness in the forms of the Great Forest’s Empress Jade and Commander Wei. They journey with Wei, getting tangled in the webs of war, blood magic, and romance along the way. Will Lan and Bao begin to break the spell that’s been placed upon them? Or will they be doomed to live out their lives with black magic running through their veins?
In this fantastical tale of darkness and love, some magical bonds are stronger than blood.


“Love isn’t waiting for someone to remember me. Love isn’t dreaming about them all alone. Love is talking together, forgiving each other, finding common threads in the lives we want. I’ve learned that now. You taught me.”

The Song of the Crimson Flower was absolutely stunning, a beautiful tale of the powers of real love. It’s a sequel to FOREST OF THE THOUSAND LANTERNS and KINGDOM OF THE BLAZING PHOENIX.

The story is about an upper-class girl Lan who is the daughter of a former royal official. She has been raised in luxury and bliss. Lan tries to treat people kindly no matter their social status. At first, she thinks Bao is quiet and boring, but things eventually changed when Lan is finally offered the opportunity to find adventure, for which she desperately longs with the boy who truly loves her. But we can’t miss Tam with whom Lan was supposed to get married (confused??)
This story revolves around Bao and Lan after Lan’s alliance end abruptly. But not before the event which changed Bao’s and Lan’s lives. Bao thought Lan was the most selfless girl but he was wrong!! And these events lead Bao get entangled with Lan to save him from his curse!


    1. The plot of this book was good, but it could have been even better if the story wasn’t dragged (that’s what I think). The story was slow paced like 1/3 of the book was only about their travelogue when the curse was supposed to be end with in two weeks.
    2. The main protagonist was confusing for me, like she don’t know what she is supposed to do next. But no doubt the blurb is intriguing and I like the way the author portrayed the female characters strong and dominating at some point.


  1. The start of the book was gripping. But as the story progressed it become predictable, I actually knew way before that what’s coming next and that where the book lost it’s charm for me.
  2. I actually have mixed feelings for this book or I would prefer I have a love and hate relation with this one, at some point it becomes interesting but the other moment I’m like “ man, I just knew it, it was going to happen….. Why this book is so predictable”

About the Author:

Julie C. Dao is a proud Vietnamese-American who was born in upstate New York. She studied medicine in college, but came to realize blood and needles were her Kryptonite. By day, she worked in science news and research; by night, she wrote books about heroines unafraid to fight for their dreams, which inspired her to follow her passion of becoming a published author. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns is her debut novel. Julie lives in New England.Goodreads | Website | Twitter

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